Prosecutor Accuses four employees due to brutal bullying

This incident is expected to adopt the bullying culture of Germany particularly explosive. * For the first time leads to charges against four of a prosecutor bully that a fifth Colleague, now 29 years old „should have over the years almost daily tortured, abused and humiliated. “ (1)

The case became known as a builder’s yard scandal, which was the scene of the crime City Council Hilenbach. „This is something I’ve never seen,“ said Staff Chairman and Secretary Ver.di Marek Gebauer. (1)

„The workforce of small municipal experience these days, as the suspect, who was apparently after the police search and seizure last Thursday, not only established facts, but also robbers guns – including on websites. (1)

Was evident that a now 30-year-old „landscape gardeners have been tortured for over ten years by four colleagues, threats, and have concealed conceal the origin of injury until it was revealed in July. (1)

Responsible was in a group of 4 bully a 52-jähirger, said to have), among others according to the indictment of the prosecutor to the victim „a running chainsaw just inches away from the victim’s neck (risked. In addition, the accused had beaten her unconscious and jailed colleagues. (2)

And since you ask itself, how could such things happen under the eyes of a staff committee and administrative staff?

„Such a thing can only develop if all tightly, says the staff council chairman, who can HILCHENBACH in small manageable work contexts still hard to imagine. Finally, the staff representatives were in all areas of management presence: They have been chosen so that for each contact – of course, also for the builder’s yard. (2)

Perhaps we should ask themselves at times verdi „whether in the selection of staff representatives is not preceded by a“ suitability „does not only sets up networks and power relations candidates. Finally, „Antisemitic“ staff personnel committees, as well as the works often involved in bullying situations, not just speak for an anti-bullying culture In the loading Mr. Frank Bsirske (Greens). Also have The Greens until today, no single anti-bullying law introduced in the Bundestag. Sad but true for the rebels of yesteryear with the overalls and the sunflower.

Then finally in January 2009 after studying the police reports, the second reaction of the municipality. „The Hilchenbach has one other employees termination of the Construction Yard. When he had suspicions are confirmed that he had assaulted an employee and humiliated „. (3)

In 2008 already the 52-year-old ringleader of the bullying hilbenbacher course was terminated.

„A third employee is strongly suspected to Abuse involved have been, or at least tolerated it. He is still heard and has not been released yet. „(3)

The decisive factor here is how the group of bullying perpetrator has established a hierarchy form, which worked for years. This group structure should be of interest to other cases and one can only hope that „verdi“ finally makes the documents available to the public and not just training with glossy brochures and announce the general blah and conduct from time to time. (3)

„The interrogations of the police had indicated that when the accusations between the four accused must be clearly distinguished, The Hilchenbach. There was a Main accusedWhich has already been terminated. Other evidence confirmed the suspicion that a second defendant individual acts of violence committed against the victim has or may have been involved in such „. (3)

These two were finally terminated, the active core of the bullying gang of Hilenbach.

„Similarly, the investigation indicated that the third suspect was seen over a longer period, individual actions against the victim, without stop them or report them.“ (3)

Here you will have varieties of whether it also does not make sense to terminate this employee, who who is „looking away“ like the fence, he makes the other is often the desire for their Cruelty to the great delight of her sadistic doings. And who will guarantee that the next time it happened not once looking away?

„The contribution Fourth employees deliver access to the file by the lawyer of Hilchenbach no exploitable labor law information. (4)

Information which we now seem to expect in the process and also acts, by what means, and compensation the court. Presume is, unfortunately, it will again not have the courage to act consistently within the judiciary. For great is the fear of a precedent, this must be the defense if they could act as a plaintiff, before the EU Court of Justice to go.

The hearing is now running since yesterday and we must now simply wait for the verdict, unfortunately. For such processes include via live broadcast in stations such as Phoenix or Arte, which we ultimately pay the GEZ fees? “

The first was the trial is now known, the victim was exposed to about 100 attacks. So he was repeatedly beaten unconscious and left without the help back. He was tied to a car and dragged through the mud, all of these actions demonstrate once again our country is a bit out of control.

Personnel committees do not work, superiors violated its obligation to take precautionary. Victims try with his last strength and fear of exclusion due to unemployment is to cling to the workplace. It will be interesting to the progress of the process in the 11 calendar week, in particular, lawyers have realized this, they are also committed. At first they wanted to question the credibility of the victim, the strategy seem to have abandoned.

* As far as I know, about the sending of other cases and rulings, newspaper articles and other reports, I’d be very happy.

1), art255, 82,155


3) (Start time 11:18)


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