The SPD top candidate H. Kraft does not want to win in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Chief of the Reader

The sign of a deselection of black and yellow on the Rhine and Ruhr are good. Precisely because of the attacks of FDP Federal Chief Westerwelle to the caste of untouchables, say Hartz IV recipients, has black and yellow, luckily in NRW no future.

But who has said that the SPD would have learned from the debacle Hartz IV labor market and wage dumping, which is greatly mistaken. Not only the Soloeinpeitscher as Thilo Sarrazin from Berlin, but also the top candidate of the SPD in the Rhine and Ruhr vehemently against the possibility of Regeringsübernahme in Dusseldorf.

With their comments on the prospects for long-term unemployed, the lady, „I will not govern“ a senseless and again kastenorientierten Talk broken by check, we can not but acknowledge with Kopfschüttel and understand * Dieter Hildebrandt. The SPD is unable to govern because they want does not exist either. And tried with all their might to prevent any success, aiming only way to approach a government contribution.

There were times when the SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia alone can provide the government, now you should honestly say that the SPD can play alone for ever the opposition. Their attitude to the problem of unemployment is a guarantee for this field.

Taking only the fact that the constitution should guarantee everyone the right to work properly, usually by constitutional lawyers of the accused is charged, if it were a collective and not individual rights, is Hartz IV, the bankruptcy of a social policy of an EU member, that recognizes the human behind the work, but only a factor of labor and exploitation in the labor market.

Caste of untouchables, or existence of Hartz IV

And this factor is recovery for about three decades, according to the principle „It’s sink or swim“ in Germany, primarily the West, since 1991, plus Ossi. Since older workers are simply excluded. The age is accentuated with the agitators of the neo-liberal labor market theory – the person must not adjust the market and the market is the people – has not been named once. Today it is often at 40 years, example is the employment of software developers and construction (scaffolding).

With 40 years of individuals in its learned and often high-priced training occupation does not work anymore, because they are too old, burned out and no longer medically able. The retirement age begins today as even with 40 plus and still talking about the politics of pension plans 67 and 70 years.

Already own this discrepancy between reality and political perceptions shows the true character of a discussion. Since Mrs force, „one quarter of long-term unemployed from the labor force as a chance to“ (1) and calls for a second job they turn to activities such as reading and streets, or clean.

Anyone who reads me before from the Swiss CD?

Already own the deportation of long-term unemployment, old age is now time simply omitted times, yes would be just the nonsense of the argument of force and her boyfriend Westerwelle demonstrate – to set up scaffolding slipped victims as street sweepers, health is surely pure nonsense -; into a second job for so-called excluded once again shows how this systematically disregarded the AGG and disseminated theories in class spätmarxistischen environment.

Since according to ideas of power, their party member and ex-Chancellor Schroeder has always Wundertüten ideas, long-term unemployed can be kept clean streets. Which roads? Our road system complies with the current pothole the beaten tracks of primitive culture. What more could you please keep it clean because the potholes around or the „valley and mountain ride“ quality of our sidewalks from Lake Constance to Kiel?

A wise and economically meaningful economic and labor market would be as serious a billion dollar investment program to hang up so that we reach a road system with a European level, but also cutting-edge solutions for public transport and includes a modern control system for Verkehraufkommen. Our neighboring countries and the „bad“ Asians have something or are working with a future orientation.

Only Women strength, and Messrs. Nahles Westerwelle and Lindner want a labor market policy, the policy of the 3rd spade Empire is oriented and awakens the evil and bitter taste of the Labor Front policy. Social fascism was in the 20s and 30s the accusation of the left middle and enlightened policies of the SPD. Today we understand more than ever, what was meant by this term.

And if Mrs. force solutions for a second job as „reading in nursing homes“ suggests, then it has nothing of a sensible and modern understanding of the life orientation in old age. It does not border the elderly from even if they are to be disabled. It works out to models and tools that they can participate in life.

These include an old-friendly housing, a good road system with walk paths and footpaths not using the models by Marco Polo as well as an incorporation of modern technology such as Internet, mobile phones, meeting places in public spaces for young and old, and a solicitous care system in old age and also before . Each of us is known to be old and may need help, even politicians.

In Japan, it has spent over 100 billion euros as economic stimulus package in the expansion alone the quality of life for people 65 and over. Smart people are the Japanese, though like all is not blameless, as we all do.

And here perhaps lies the fundamental problem of this discussion, namely, one should finally proceed to politicians before they run for public office, were at times only three years in nursing homes, physically demanding jobs or the health and social work in general, and in the lowest income earners. Then we bekämmen no „reader Society in the Age of the language and literature to make CD’s, but the politicians we are citizens in a humane and people-friendly future.

Thus, like our neighbors in Sweden, Ireland, Spain, UK, and so forth, there we have no readers and millions of pothole polishing, but a working society, which with modern technology to keep radio plays on CD player begrudge, streets with machine clean and Robots are already partially committed at construction sites. In these countries make in future machines, the „dirty work“, since the activities of human health risks, and not an army of long-term unemployed are not even in the hour it will earn enough to buy a coffee machine in a drink can.

Models like those of Mr. and Mrs. Kraft Westerwelle the philosophies of people in the 19 Mentally century home, but we live in 2010 plus, and as do-gooders policy is required because my neighbor with 45 plus and unemployed not my enemy but my …… For each correct answer, there is a CD titled „Stupidity knows no boundaries“ **, read by a linguistically trained actor. So beautiful listening and reading may be just the price is that of a minimum wage for one hours work, that is, two hours reading with repeatability desired for one hours work for a legal minimum wage, what a paradise. Non-voters are just but wise people.

Mrs. Kraft will remain, fortunately for us all and the long-term unemployed in the Rhine and Ruhr, even after the elections in May 2010 in opposition and we can look forward to Black and Yellow in Dusseldorf and the first green nuclear power plant on the Rhine. You can never think of as stupid as it comes, „says a wise folk wisdom, and as a people we are not so stupid, if you take a disregard of the philosophies and world views of our politicians.

Although, if I’m honest, a reader of the „Swiss-CD collection of German tax evaders,“ I wish I had time, but yes it could at least get the 423 billion euros of evaded taxes 0, 0001 percent, which will certainly not $ 1 per lecture would make out, or wrong, and I expect some believe that a Vorloser which creates a human life?

* The SPD is unable to govern and is suitable only for the opposition.


** Or why German politicians never think before they speak.


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Eine Antwort to “The SPD top candidate H. Kraft does not want to win in North Rhine-Westphalia.”

  1. Frowine Reis Says:

    Nun habe ich die Vorgehensweise zwar nicht so ganz kapiert, kann ja aber noch werden :-). Noch eine schöne Frühlingszeit (falls überhaupt 🙂 und schöne Grüße, Frowine Reis

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