No information on suicide from Youth Judges Kirsten Heisig

We have received to date no information on suicide from Youth Judges Kirsten Heisig. She has completed days before her tragic death, her book, everything we were told no more.

„Youth commits suicide Judge

The famous Berlin Youth Judges Kirsten Heisig killed himself. This led to the autopsy. In legal circles it was said, Heisig had personal problems.

Die Jugendrichterin Kirsten Heisig wird vermisst.

The Youth Judge Kirsten Heisig is missing.
Photo: dpa

Berlin. The famous Berlin Youth Judges Kirsten Heisig killed himself. This led to the autopsy of the corpse, the police found after days of shooting on Saturday in a wooded area had. A vicarious death on the 48-year-old was ruled out, said prosecutor spokesman Martin Stelzer on Sunday. For more details, he did not name.

The 48-year-old had gemacht. Damit problem in the Berlin district of Neukölln in the fight against youth crime a name were accelerated procedures against juveniles and to improve the exchange between Justice and schools. Heisig is also known by numerous interviews in which she warns of an increase in youth violence.

Heisig was responsible for the problem Neukölln district, considered as a social problem. It developed the so-called model Neuköllner be punished soon after the criminal youth in smaller crimes, not months later. This is an educational effect can be achieved. This initiative gained Heisig reputation beyond Berlin. In judicial sources said, Heisig had personal problems.

In a first reaction, the Deputy National Chairman FDP Cornelia Pieper was „deeply shocked“ about the death of the judge. Your party grieve for a „brave and courageous woman who is far out of their profession to the fight against youth violence“ was, Pieper said on Saturday night. Heisig have made outstanding contributions to the integration, especially for foreigners. Thus it is a nationwide role model. (Afp / ddp / dpa)“(1)

More question than answers.



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