Daimler suspected of corruption.

Goo a la Daimler? 😉

Well, not all countries and citizens in the global village are as naive as we Germans. And just in the U.S. has in recent years learned a lot in order to defend himself against corruption, including by foreign firms. Thus, a special Exchange Commission, SEC called securities are excluded from trading on Wall Street.

The SEC was in the case of Siemens for the first time in Germany, active, just as our government has every now and understood nothing, why? Lobbying is as common as brushing on the teeth.

Now known from the U.S. that Daimler „about a decade from 1998 to 2008 failed in at least 22 countries have laws against“. „The Ministry of Justice Daimler blamedIn respect of transactions Russia, Turkey, Egypt, and China is the usual practice of bribes to foreign public officials have been „(1).

Current practice? Do we know from the cases of Siemens and Mannesmann, and you wonder again, why are such cases not by German authorities in the light of day?

Daimler will not comment on the allegations because the 01.04.2010 in Washington pending a trial of the Swabian automaker. Also you can from DoJ expect from the same reason, no explanations.

Who believes in us, there is no corruption. 😉

The German government and the federal government prosecutor silent.

It is known since 2005 that the balance sheet of Daimler something is wrong. „Already in the Annual Report for the year 2005, Daimler / Chrysler over Reductions in profit in tens of millions reported that may result from lubricant and bribes „. (1)

And even the company admits that „in a number of countries improper payments made. (1)

„This Payments – Especially in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe – could the Anti-corruption rules several countries, including his offense in the U.S. and in Germany, admitted the group „. (1)

And then you wonder again why we in Germany have no anti-corruption ombudsman, who is authorized to issue instructions to the investigating authorities? (2)

1) http://de.reuters.com/article/topNews/idDEBEE62N00N20100324

http://suche.aol.de/aol/search?s_it=aolde-hotsearches-news&q=Daimler% 2dKorruption & rp = lang_en

2) https://harrygambler2009.wordpress.com/2010/03/24/erster-ombudsmann-gegen-korruption-in-deutschland/


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