Petition for revision of the Members bribery, according to Penal Code § 108 e

Hurray, the pirates are back. Greetings from the father of Pippi Longstocking

Joerg Tauss many will still be known, his case has come before the federal elections, large waves, is then, as always disappeared into the gray area of the German judiciary, like so many victims with their case. 

Now, the former Social Democratic deputy and now a member of the Pirate Party, a petition for revision of the Penal Code regulated e 108 deputies bribery written. Here, he throws himself on since 2003, drawn up by the UN „demands of the UN Convention against Corruption“. 

Current is his petition because the „Tax advantage for Hoteliers „and carried on the Russian model a la Putin sale of“ conversations „(1) by Mr. Ruettgers-CDU in NRW and Saxony CDU MP of the Lord Stanislaw Tillich „Emerged in the public de (r) a devastating impression (is) that policy is available in Germany.“ (2) 

No purchase of Deputies votes please

Of course, as was previously not always activated, the petition, we bullying – victims to know these kind „of the Bundestag – bullying“ just to victims. Here is the case of 

Norbert Denef remembered the victims and child „for years by a Catholic priest and another church employee sexually abused„And was rebuffed in his petition (3).Denef started a petition: statute of limitations for sexual abuse in civil lift. His attempt was unsuccessful and was rejected by the Members of the Committee. (3) Now, „directed with the help of his lawyer complained to the European Court of Justice and is challenging the rejection of his petition. “ (3) 

One way to go almost all the complaints and petitions would have if just the money was there. I suspect that the petition to go against the „interdependence of money and politics“ (2) must follow the same path, because otherwise they would have been released long ago. The Strippenzieher Women Steinke / Naumann (formerly known as SED, now the Left) already know from tradition as we sent someone can accumulate, especially if he’s right. 

Not for nothing has the „Bundestag“ service set up a Petitions Committee, which with dubious employees performing the work of the Petitions Committee in the background and you never know if the petition, the eye of a deputy has ever seen, and whether the text is complete, the signature at the end of response to the petition text is missing almost universally.

Hello boss, the Tauss is back. 😉

But back to the revision of the offense of „Members bribery „. On its website, the cracker Joerg Tauss has published the complete text of the entire petition. (3)

So here’s a short excerpt that will arouse the curiosity and interest of many citizens and readers. „The German Parliament should decide the impression of a growing interdependence of money and politics, including through immediate implementation of the UN Convention against Corruption in Germany to come forward, in which he abandons his longtime majority opposition to a legally workable and effective tightening of § 108e of the Criminal Code (Bribery of Members). (2)

And it always requires a justification that we Joerg Tauss as an ex-member of the Bundestag is also very understandable. The justification, „not only the most recent examples of Hotelier Donations or the current Ruettgers – Scandal in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany reinforce the impression that politics in this country is for sale. The German Bundestag by his own example might help a bit far to take this idea forward, in which our „popular assembly“ at last E § 108 of the Criminal Code (Bribery of Members) the seriousness of the offense accordingly and justiciable handle tightened. The offense has to be finally extended to all acts and omissions in the overall behavior of members under the term of office. “ (2)With such little things can very well get rid of the concerns of many citizens, who already has money, lawyers, and enough knowledge through the maze to the bodies of the EU, where we have citizens actually very good prospects.

What price has her voice?

And here lie the problem is probably that the pirate Joerg Tauss his petition has written a clear and unequivocal with Attribution, and they like the ladies and gentlemen in the paradise of wellness committee or petition Petitions Service not, what card is probably now at the table of women Steinke (ex-SED and now played by the Left)? Three times they may guess I am just saying, „Petitions service“ and Thalmann Pioneers.

One should therefore, as citizens with an interest in a clean democracy, parliament and legislation in the fight against corruption at Joerg Tauss einlinken and join or discuss. (3)

„Anyone who attempts, for an election or vote in Parliament or in a Popular representation federal, state, municipalities or Associations to buy a vote or sell shall be punished with imprisonment up to five years or a fine. “ (2)





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