IKEA against Russian corruption?

IKEA says no

The IKEA furniture discounter headquartered „Sweden is one of the greatest“global companies„In Europe, if not worldwide in the furniture industry. Hence, the Group is affected by multiple corruption.

The latest case was known to play in Russia. Generally one goes well in the large corporations believe that they succeed only in Russia, if one smears „and bribes paid.“ That is not the case, trying the „ever since the beginning of the expansion to Russia ten years ago (of) Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad features (principle) not to accept bribes or other forms of corruption. „(1) And it works.

The former manager for IKEA Russia, Lennart Dahlgren has written a book about the corruption practices in Russia, which probably should be in a company a „must read“ for every manager and council, which makes transactions with Russia.

„Corruption in Russia has become a pillar in the economic and social structure. Hundreds of thousands of civil servants to improve not only their salary to, they accumulate wealth. … „So the general statement about Situation of corruption in Russia. What harm this bribery and kickback attitude has the effect of the NAK said of Russia.

„What many as Minor offense appear in reality is an evil, in which afflicted the whole country. Between 240 and 300 billion U.S. dollarsfifth of annual gross domestic product tiles – a year into the pockets of officials, estimates the National Committee for the fight against corruption (NAK) „(1).

But you can fight back, how did it IKEA. „Because the property, which the city Krasnodar offered had been ideal, wanted to strike Ikea. As usual, began tradingWrites Dahlgren. But soon he had come to my attention that the city of the property to an anonymous person had passed. Their representatives called the Ikea price that was five times higher than that of the Ikea had already negotiated with the city. Who should collect the difference was not to understand. Ikea decided: Then is not just built. (1)

And in February 2010 it was then still find it at IKEA, „with internal investigations and the dismissal of top managers of the furniture giant Ikea is against corruption in his Russian furniture stores. The Swedish chain (has) the separation of two Top managers Posted in St. Petersburg, because these Bribes should have granted the security of electricity supplies. „. (5)

But this one must have moral principles and a functioning management. Of German corporations we hear anything about this area in international trade, why?

Because it falls on a what Dahlgren describes in his book what we know from Germany. „For a meeting with Vladimir Putin (you have to be paid ever) five to ten million dollars … „because our politicians but how Rüttgers and Stanislaw Tillich one of the CDU 5,000 to 8,000 euros Billigshopangebot. But interest is in the context of where the CDU knew that you can market such „sponsorship talks“ at all.

Apparently, Putin has more influence on German politicians, as we thought. Ex-Chancellor Schröder Greetings, understood that is why Mrs Merkel and Mr Schroeder as good at the last Kanzlerfest.

Learn From Putin, is gaining sponsorship.

One can only hope that, even in Europe through the EU Parliament is now a clear and understandable anti-corruption law, as it has tried to introduce in Austria. In Germany, we will probably take a long time with „Donations, sponsorships, lobbying, favoritism, nepotism„Have to fight and so on. Located at the Spree water well.

IKEA could there be a role model, because the group was already with us several striking because of corruption scandals, but has always reacted very exemplary.

Our politicians, unfortunately, not on the „ostrich“ or tinker with, if it means fish in the „turbid“ or politics in the gray area of capital and business interests.

2005 has been „in the Hauptbeschuldigte Bribery scandal the Swedish furniture store … hanged in his prison cell. The 56-year-old construction manager of the German Ikea’s headquarters in Wallau near Wiesbaden, had been accused of corruption and infidelity. “ (3)

In 2006, slowly the full extent of corruption in IKEA Germany became known. „The corruption affair at the Swedish furniture store Ikea is apparently far greater than previously known. Meanwhile, the Frankfurt prosecutor under investigation for suspicion of bribery against seven employees of the construction division of the furniture as well as against multinationals 44 employees of construction companies and small craft on suspicion of bribery and fraud „(4)

And a year later, the extent of corruption and the people involved show again. „In the processing of Ikea bribery scandal is making the judiciary. The Frankfurt public prosecutor on Friday obtained summonses against four construction manager. Is determined in the corruption scandal in total against 60 defendants, among them are Ikea-six employees. The total damage is 2.7 million. According to the prosecutor 15 procedures have been completed. The Frankfurt investigating authority is entrusted with the procedure, because the Swedish furniture company has its German headquarters based in Hofheim Wallau district. (4)

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