Lidl defends itself against corruption and low wages

Lidl against corruption

Who has the ability or has increased this to distinguish between social and economic interest to have to recognize that the Discounter Lidl now often shows up with good action in the public.

Thus Lidl calls for the industry of discount stores and retailers have a minimum wage. „The second largest German food discounter surprised with the demand for a statutory minimum wage. Lidl wants with a mandatory minimum wage in the retail Wage dumping encounter in the industry. “ (1)

It is essential that Lidl here goes further than the Ver.di who only wanted to again a collectively agreed minimum wage. One might think it’s strategy, but then Ver.di is probably the strategist, per se, because here are always Official interest in the foreground. To date Ver.di for example, has no Anti-Bullying Agreement for its own employees.

The legal minimum wage, while Lidl has to support it, is more important than a Tarifkramlohn that anyway only applies to 10 to 20% of employees in the industry.

Now, Lidl „With the appointment of an internal Anti-Korruptionsbeauftragten and the appointment of a external lawyer Lidl as trusted lawyer sends a clear signal to all employees, business partners and clients: for criminal activities as Corruption and Economic Crime has no place in the company „! (2)

Apparently takes place in the house Lidl to rethink what is to be welcomed. Once for making a legal minimum wage is strong – against the power of Piefkes of Ver.di – Then defend himself against corruption, which only lacks a Anti-bullying agreement and an ombudsman for this in our own group.

We hope that Lidl also makes a mark, even better would be to the „dinosaur“ of the discounters is committed to an anti-bullying law. Previously the time was called, capital and labor together for a social work. At that time, which was under the era of Willy Brandt, many of today’s Junggenossen from the trade union movement have replaced the name and the program well, but unfortunately the program.




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