Russian secret service again sniffs the state of Brandenburg!

I have also studied in the USSR, GMS?

In the Land of Brandenburg, in which stood the former prime minister and is suspected of having sniffed for the Stasi, even today there are many inconsistencies and stories, which themselves Baron Münchhausen could not invent. The reality is often harder than the thought of some way in its wellness paradise Parliament or judges chair. (1)

His successor, the self – DeichGraf , and Brandenburger, PlatzeckHas created not only in the Diet of Potsdam Stasi problems with people, but also in the country on the spot the old ghosts. Thus, the District Administrator District elections were devastating for him, his party friends and comrades of the LEFT. Partial went on Sunday less than 30% of eligible voters to the polls. (2)

Often, it was probably the shady past of candidates for the job of chief administrative officer. „Shortly before the election district administrator in the district of Spree-Neisse suggests another Stasi case in the ranks of the Left Party high waves. According to the elders in the Spree-Neisse district council are from Pagel, both reports to the GDR Ministry for State Security (Stasi) and one of him in 1975 during his military service signed Appointed Employees social security (GMS) before „. (3)

But this is not enough variety of Stasispitzeln in office with dignity – this is happening at all – it was now on the elections on Sunday, 14.03.2010 aware that in the context of DeichGraf and SPD flagship East Matthias Platzeck (SPD „of Russian intelligence„… A media report (to follow) German spies placed (was)“. (4)

Whether Stasi, GMS or Russian secret service, being there is everything.

When I heard the news on the radio thought at first of James Bond movie or an agent of the 50s.

But not only that even the most hardline of the CDU, the former interior minister and Platzeck friend Schonbohm claims to have known nothing of all that suggests this is still more in the box.

And it probably seems like a parody of the Bullying case Emmely to be that all agents were unmasked, who sniffed at the State Chancellery or could sniff, but were not dismissed from the civil service. They have been at best only transferring within the State Chancellery. (5)

„As FOCUS reported, citing investigation documents were unmasked by the Constitution spies not been prosecuted, despite extensive knowledge of the authorities.“ (5) And why, you always need such public servant, and democracy is only a self-service shop, where only men are ready, the Deposit tokens Spending for empty bottles.

Viewed honestly, who but the state of Brandenburg which is at the bell, why is it a member of the „Russian Secret“ is not the same boss from the BND, the „village“ in Chausseestraße indeed soon be finished, but there are many jobs have not all of the BND (6) from Pullach can know Russian.

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