Have to cough up the Greeks for the German arms race?

Export instead of peace champion.

Greece is known to be bankrupt. In plain language, „Greece has more than 300 billion euros Debt„(1) and therefore the EU had to take drastic action. One consequence of the debt is that „Athens …. the euro significantly „burden. (2)

The reasons for the huge budget deficit once again lies in the high „number of corruption cases,“ even with a pending surgery at the hospital you have to slide over a few bills, otherwise they often wait in vain for an appointment.

But these everyday corruption is only one facet to another is called „corruption a la Germania. Thus, if only to remember that corruption was a special case, Siemens Greece battlefield of bribes surrender.

„The Siemens bribery scandal In Greece proposes higher waves: The prosecutor now has an international arrest warrant against former Siemens chief financial officer in Greece, Christos Karavelas adopted. (3)

For what we Germans tend to demand from others is with us still not done a long time. Corruption is on us something that is dissolved in the penalty proceedings, even as a German peculiarity, because this one deals a sentence. German judges have just a very special mentality to be called „Swiss clearing house feverCall „can.

So high is the water we have

„The Munich District Court has one of the two criminal cases against the former national manager of Siemens in Greece, Michael Christoforakos, Set against payment of EUR 350 000 ‚(3), a message on 03.03.2010. In Greece has lodged an extradition case against Michael Christoforakos, but the German does not interest us.

„The Greek Justice had given him money laundering, corruption and fraud accused. After months of tug of war for his extradition was finally in November last year after a court decision from the table„(3) So called from the table, something like that. What that means, we learn, but not off the table.

But not enough of the taste for bribes by German companies like Siemens, but we also have a penchant for modern weapons technology. And the urge to act out the „warfare“, we are here become one of the third-largest arms suppliers in the global village.


And to whom we owe this, of course, our Greek friends of NATO. Erstmal which we have explained how important it is that we need modern military equipment. Then we have given them the loans, and only then they had virtually made „Allegiance„Out of buying new weapons, and of course with us. (4)

And when the Greeks are in the thick chalk, because we Germans among the prominent economists, such as the Federal President and Professor of Economics Kohler simply the doctrine of „A balancedußenhandelsbilanzHave understood from the first semester of economics does not, even then, then we threaten.

The problem of the Greeks seems to be that she just always pick the wrong friends. That was recognized by the EU and Germany to finally do something for a balanced trade balance. And we would drive people not at all bad, because the EU demands that the recreational economists such as Merkel and Westerwelle, the SPD is there with Steinbrueck and Co. on board, something for the „domestic demand„Do want.

„Triggered by the crisis gets Germany Greece in EU partner countries because of its high trade surplus under pressure. France Economy Minister Christine Lagarde asked in a newspaper interview that Germany should do more to strengthen its domestic demand. The high trade surplus threatens the competitiveness of other euro countries. (5)

Then you could come to the ideas that between the German arms race, the Greeks are at # 2 killer of our buyers list for tools to wage dumping strategy in their own country, low wages, low labor costs equal to, equal to low domestic demand and thus lower import, with increasing exports, especially in the military, and killer technique and is owed by the Greeks and others linked.


What would really be if Greece would simply buy any weapons for 10 years by the Germans more? What would be the effect on their debt?

And what if the Greeks would not do business with companies in Germany, bribery?

And what if Guido Westerwelle not always so dubious advisers, we women Professor Margarita Mathiopoulos take them on his trips abroad would be? (6)

By the way, is called to establish such connections can also overall consideration of a problem only in Germany, so what you should not do it because it comes on so strange contexts, and that can be dangerous under certain circumstances. Well, they do not think so much, but switch it on again when it says: We’re world’s leading exporter.

If they have moral objections because we have such as an export hit as U-boats in the catalog, they simply think of Bertolt Brecht and his thesis that only comes to eating and then the morale. And if they do not have enough coal for Hartz IV, the great eating, then they turn on our cooking shows, then they at least see what it means to eat. But please do not look for the morality that we have not, because who buys such a thing?

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