Harassment intensified in the current economic crisis

In Austria, not only in law against bullying on the rise, but also in the registry of the current development. (1)

Especially the raging in 2007/2008 Economic crisis probably has a sharp increase in the effect of bullying. Thus, the „Center for bullying and conflict resolution counseling in the workplace observed“ according to Christa Kolodeje bullying in the economic crisis grows. (2)

Incidentally, the book of Mark Bulling a German evidence with us, it is not better but worse, because we have not attentive legislature as in Austria, unfortunately. (3)

The book carries within it not in vain the name of the eponymous film „One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. And in Mobingfall Mark Bulling just then „One Flew Over the Industrienest„(3).

Unfortunately, we always only the latest information from Austria and other EU against countries, Germany seems to be the subject of bullying with the problem simply unable to go to work around or to want.

In Vienna, in any case, notes, „bullying is increasing.“ This is due to „economic crisis“ which „aggravated the problem clearly. „We had so many cases last year than ever before, because the connection was clear, said Christa Kolodeje … It shows a gender variant: Women are at social level , men tend to have bullied Performance and Age. Executives should be trained accordingly. (2)

A realization that we, especially in Germany seems to find it. In Europe as a whole, certainly Christa Kolodeje, „are about twelve million people, so bullied around nine percent of all employees in Europe – the Unreported should be much higher. “ (2)

Then, one begs the question as to whether or not it is time, in the EU Anti-Bullying Law to adopt and Psychological processes to allow only neutral before the EU Court of Justice. That probably brings the EU’s much work and she need money. Money, but that member countries such as Germany can save the fact that their „convenience meals“ to make and thus saves money for all the citizens, and Mobbbingopfern (instead of three, only one process).

Austria is on the way, and that’s a good thing. In Germany, we are from an anti-bullying legislation still light years. The social dimension of the problem is respected any more than the legal treatment, „Bullying is not a legal concept or a vague“. (4)

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