Westerwelle, Brazil and the damage to the post of foreign minister

The Mövenpick - government and his head office

After the intense criticism of his trip cadre policy as Foreign Minister, there is Dr. Westerwelle verbally radical and provocative „cool“.

Last week he brought to the renewed criticism of the participation of its partner on the journey to South America to indirect protection of the Chancellor, although this has failed to direct opinion. Rather, that job had „the deputy government spokeswoman Sabine Heimbach page.

„Chancellor Angela Merkel said Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle against accusations of Favoritism taken during his trips abroad in protection. The Chancellor is convinced that his accompanying Westerwelle Business delegations selected in accordance with the applicable rules have „… (1)

Because one should not doubt, because Merkel knows what „Executive Travel Policy„And favoritism may cause as FDJ secretary she has benefited much time in the GDR it. Who as GDR citizens to travel „non-socialist countries„Allowed to make, or in the homeland of the big brother who belonged to“Elite of the GDR. And elites, especially if they have appointed themselves to know when you have too long.

Thus, probably not only the spouse of Mr. Westerwelle with his „Promotion Company (SMP„) (2) great interest in Brazil because of the Olympics and the football World Cup, but also the foreign minister himself confirmed this. Before a speech to business Vest wave said last Thursday, „in view of the football World Cup 2014 and the 2016 Olympic Games, both to be held in Brazil,“ there „tremendous opportunities. (3)

Only for whom, he also gave no clear answer, as for his spouse and his company SMP? In Brazil itself was seen in the role of Foreign Minister quite different. „The German Chancellor has been in the media, the largest country in South America primarily to the light a petitioner moved. Westerwelle campaigned strongly for economic cooperation in the upcoming mega event World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 „. (4)

Hence Westerwelle must also have the question asked whether he wants to reduce economic cooperation not only on the Olympics and football, but designated a broad spectrum of industries, which should help both countries and might. The criticism of the Executive Travel Policy Westerwelle is more than justified, if he himself only ever speaks of the two events in sports.

This man believes all what it says Guido.

But also brought criticism of his trip to Asia Westerwelle in Brazil, was announced after that he understands not only the family policy interests of his spouse, but also his brother, who also likes to do business.

The Vice-Chancellor had been „on an Asian tour also Managing … a company here, where his Brother is involved. “ (3)

„In the business delegation, with the Westerwelle was mid-January in Japan and China on the road, traveled the Entrepreneurs Ralf Marohn with. He is CEO of the company, Far Eastern Far East Consulting and Trading Ltd. – what a name, which was also attended Westermann Welles Brother Kai is involved. “ (3) A little too much family policy, which maintains Mr Westerwelle there.

One can only hope that no Westerwelle decadent late Roman Family has, as in ancient Rome, as we know everyone with everyone, it resulted in large families and driven from a special kind, namely, that they had many sisters and brothers, not to forget the second and third degree relatives.

And if you know that Germany is „his Arms In the last five years, mainly through Submarines and armored vehicles has more than doubled „(5) and the“ most important buyer of German armaments industry, Turkey, went to the 14 percent of exports, Greece 13 percent South Africa and 12 percent „range, then the same time raises two questions.

The Mövenpick - Coalition

What is the role of arms exports to Greece for its national debt? And the role of the „Waffenlobbyistin„From Potsdam, Professor Margarita Mathiopoulos, known to be a campaign helper from Westerwelle was and probably still is?

Mrs. Professor was well known to the travel squad of „Westerwelle“ during his trip to Turkey. And what weapons for national and international lobbyists inflict damage can shown by the case writer (CSU) yes now probably unique. (7)

I think Mr Westerwelle was now time to speak plain and to lay the truth on the table,) (since the Heuscheckenkrise financial or banking crisis, we are also plenty of Tobacco used to. Statements, like all of his questions had to travel cadre policy since the election five months in the Foreign Ministry, are empty words. What actually believes Mr. Westerwelle, what would have happened if it had been the „office manager and the SPD candidate for chancellor 2009“ Stein Meier with such „travel news brought“ in connection? The FDP would have no questions?

Mr Westerwelle should rather read views FDP history, it was only Mr Moellemann, Graf Lambsdorff and Hans Friedrichs (8) recalls, all legendary FDP politician who also like me on the industry you and you are wanted. In the history of the FDP, we also see again the case „Westerwelle“ in a new light.

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8 Antworten to “Westerwelle, Brazil and the damage to the post of foreign minister”

  1. gualetar Says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  2. Loremarie Grünewald Says:

    Cooler Beitrag zu dem Thema, der Innovativste denke ich, den ich bis jetzt gefunden habe. Ich hoffe, Ihr bleibt an der Geschichte dran?! War da nicht neulich schon mal ein Beitrag drüber? Vielen Dank, Loremarie Grünewald

  3. Affectionate_beauty Says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!
    In Germany the econimc crisis in many areas ended exactly at the 15.Juni. 2009.

    In the case of the current banking crisis, we must distinguish between the „locust crisis“ and the typical crisis a Wirtfschaftsbranche differ.

    The financial or bank crisis in Germany since 15 July, ended in 2009, the balance of negative talk is only in the interest of political Pareti, there are many elections in Germany and about 30 to 40% of the voters, yes, think you can until to 50% are no longer a choice. For Germany, atypical, because the turnout was still at 80%. For 2 decades, it falls rapidly, especially in local elections for city halls, state elections, etc.

    The crisis of the Auto Industry is in a different field, it was expected since approximately 10 to 15 years, subject heading „Überangbot“ or too many car manufacturers. Both crises have now made what is to be understood, because the car industry is a key industry in Germany and just takes a lot of capital.

    The crisis in the auto industry continues, it will be with us for 10 to 20 years, price question of who is the next car company to go broke are you?

    The financial crisis has funny ways of the state elections in Bavaria in 2009, ie on 28 September with the Zusamenbruch the HRE, Hypo Real Estades started and ended on 15.July 2009 exact.

    I will this year at this issue a lot, since it is up I will, that just we Germans had since 1960 been about 5 to 10 local „locusts or real estate crisis“ and we therefore been easier to cope with such a scandal came as Spain or Ireland, for this was new.

    The current crisis is a Autocrise, it was erwaretet for about 10 to 15 years, oversupply, and much much capital and profit opportunities are the key points as the rationalization and the new markets in Asia.

    Happy Easter

    Joyeuses Pâques

    חג פסחא שמח

    Harry Gambler

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  6. Gerald Goude Says:

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