Nonvoters tilt Landratswahl in the Uckermark

I would also like to be non-voters.

It will change from day to day in this country, the politicians and the media we would prefer silence. Thus, in the state of Brandenburg on Sunday, 14.03.2010 in 7 counties occurred.

„The District Administrator is Organ and Chief administrative officer a German County or circle. He represents the (land) District to the outside. In many German states „The Commissioner“, the name of the Authority headed by him, the District „. (1)

For the politicians in the country and circle a bitter defeat, because throughout the block of non-voters, now running 45.3 and 72.2% has increased. In District Uckermark failed because the election even at the high number of abstentions from 70.9%.

„Bringing in the runoff was not the candidate the necessary number of voters behind him.“ (2) Now, the district administrator of the district council, that elected the politicians and not by the people.

Yes, where's my people just been?

A discussion of this political fiasco for all the parties represented in the Bundestag does not seem to take place. The people are fed up and voted on by Nichtwahl.

Neither the self-Brandenburg or Platzeck DeichGrafNor federal politicians have referred to the Wahlfiasko position to have the ladies and gentlemen, too fine to do so. For us non-voters is an important milestone towards a radical change in the parliamentary order.

The Power of non-voters is now beginning to vote with the „pen“. It will be interesting how the EU and OECD observers perceive that the spot was apparently unfortunately none. An urgent letter should help there.

It is also striking that the Chancellor as well as the President to be silenced, so happy to celebrate themselves from the people. The celebration is from Brandenburg might not like them, I guess.

„The report highlights:

Fürstenwalde (Oder-Spree) Turnout 27.8%

Uckermark, Turnout 29.1%.

Frankfurt (Oder), Turnout 39.5%.

Erkner (Oder-Spree), Turnout 42.2%

Templin (Uckermark), Turnout 48.6%

Woltersdorf (Oder-Spree), Turnout 54.7%

Werder (Havel), Turnout 48.8% “ (2)

1) (Germany)


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