Dr. Guido Westerwelle, its Executive Travel Policy and Networks

But hey, there's my boss, Mrs. Mathiopoulos

After his return from Latin America, the foreign minister hit back with verbal gaffes and mixes polemic with the facts. To clarify the facts he does not want to contribute, but his partner, the event and PR – manager Michael Mronz.

This has been adopted by the travel times for April 2010 Executive Westerwelle and Co. and will not go on the trip to South America. A good sign of a man who knows what he owes us citizens.

As a reminder, Westerwelle has with the opening show of the luxury hotel „Grand Kameha Bonn„Blurs (1) the boundary between the private and the political office, so he simply has the good taste“ injured. Thus, his partner was – he gives the profits Mornz not know why? – Be happy that the Foreign Minister attended the event supported by him.

The classified service online travel news „spread“ the imminent opening of „temple of luxury on the Rhine“ by Mr. Guido Westerwelle, „which for the Promotion Company (SMP) Mr Mronz was a complete success. (3)

Mr. proven Westerwelle has not received any consideration from the Hotel Company LH & E, Mr. Mronz certainly stoic and silent on his left.

The wonders why he should not fly with Guido.

The next act of family drama Westerwelle / Mronz then took place on the big trip to Asia for Foreign Affairs. The trip by Foreign Minister Kader Westerwelle consisted Mronz and his old friends as well as FDP donors. Hence, the four mirrors journalists Japan / China trip as FDP Betriebsausflug characterized.

Participants of the legendary journey to Asia were the Miele CEO Reinhard Zinkmann, Who sponsored the „Aachen Horse Show. … That Mronz“ marketed (3). The businessman and founder of theSwiss advisory and investment firm Mountain Partners Group – What a name – Cornelius Boersch entitled to travel at taxpayer expense through Asia.

And the arc closes, if you know that Boersch be shopped in the „TellSell Consulting, in which randomly Guido Westerwelle long sat on the advisory board until shortly after the election, there were 7000 euros for this year.

And the German businessman with the Swiss firm – who thinks evil is a bad man – Mr. Cornelius Boersch views 2008 had referred to the FDP a donation of 75 thousand euros. Therefore, one can travel cadre policy entitle Mr Westerwelle already alslas FDP outing management. Man kan the FDP as well as new „Friends of the Party„Entitle, who donates to the FDP, which has good chance to win a trip, but only if he comes out of the network.

And what can make a network that has the „Potsdam Professor Margarita Mathiopoulos‚ was a confidant of Willy Brandt, director of the Transatlantic Forum of the FDP and campaign adviser to Westerwelle „proved. In their political salon came to „Westerwelle and Mronz“ closer, reflecting policy and private goes hand in hand. Mathiopoulos woman was allowed to travel in January 2010 with Turkey, Travel Executive Westerwelle (3).

In Switzerland, all Germans are naked?

Professor Mathiopoulos has very early need protection because they probably had in their thesis with the „working methods being used“ using „non-scientific (r) Practice. (5) Also it has probably later acquired the reputation of a „defense industry lobbyist,“ is unclear which was purchased in what contexts this reputation. (6)

Unfortunately, many bloggers tend to use often a verbal „gutter language“ so that the information sink in it. (6)

Googling it for the adviser to Dr. Guido Westerwelle, it is striking that it stands in the crossfire of many inconsistencies that really only raise questions rather than answers to give. (7)

The last defense of the SPD, „Peter Struck,“ twisted the „Research Institute of the bustling political scientist Margarita Mathiopoulos (FDP) to the flow of money – even before it has started work.“ (8) A statement of the University of Potsdam is missing it.

The mere fact shows that Mr. Westerwelle in choosing his friends, sorry, friends, counselors, and members of the travel cadre Westerwelle / Mronz or even the Foreign Minister’s favorite activity is organizing company outings for the FDP a bad hand, or just like the good taste German foreign policy violation. For a quick resignation and investigation of the affair Westerwelle by the Bundestag, it would now surely time.

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Eine Antwort to “Dr. Guido Westerwelle, its Executive Travel Policy and Networks”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Die nackte (A. M.) kann man perfekt sehen!!!
    Würde sie so in der Öffentlichkeit rumlaufen…….das wäre (geil)…

    Anmerkung: Die Ändernugen in der Klammer wurden von mir (harry gambler) druchgeführt. Es handelt sich bei der Aufnahme um ein Foto vom Karnevalsumzug 2010 und ob er Frau A. M. ist, will ich nicht beantworten. Bilder sprechen ihre Sprache, man darf ja den Inhalt und den Umgang mit der/den CD(´s) nicht vergessen.
    Aus presserechtlichen Gründen, wir Blogger unterliegen hier besonders schweren Nachstellungen, es gab schon mehrere Angriffe auf meine „mit Hackerintension“ und ich wurde mehrfach bei den Bookmarketsanbieter denunziert und daraufhin gesperrt. Schutz gegen etwaige rechtliche Auseinandersetzungen muss man auch uns Blogger zu gestehen.

    Von daher bitte ich die Änderungen zu entschuldigen, ich habe im Moment drei Prozesse am Hals und keine Rechtschutzversicherung mehr, ich bin also quasi am Ende oder fertig. So ist das in Deutschland 2010.

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