The new, late Roman Reisedekadenz of Mr. Westerwelle

The center of the Möwenpickregierung

Mr. Guido Westerwelle is probably several months of uncrowned Star the German hotel and travel industry. Hardly a foreign minister has recognized so quickly, what can be done in Germany from a Alltagsjob. As even surprised the secret admirer of the FDP in the field of Jorunalismus only with great children’s eyes, the mirror that is.

And the mirror also has the Discusssion on Executive Travel Policy begun. In the beginning, however, was the favorite branch of the FDP and Guido Westerwelle, the hotel industry. As for the celebrities in the Möwenpickkabinett the black-yellow government has Guido Westerwelle after Value-added tax cut for hours and plus five-star hotels the same time given the marching direction in the dekandente deustche late Roman society.

He has namely made under the presence of his partner once a new standard in family policy and public image of politics german clear where it goes, into the paradise of luxurious rich and beautiful. „The opening of a luxury inn, which has organized with his life companion“, he immediately views at the center. (1) 

But hey, there's Thomas and Begum.

The luxury hotel „Grand Kameha Bonn„Sets new standards in the hospitality industry and has guaranteed no connotation of Hartz IV decadence. „The FDP leader in the hotel had guests such as Thomas Gottschalk, who Begum Aga Khan and ex –Pornstar Michaela Schaffrath inaugurated, and as one of the world’s most exciting hotels „praised“, and at a reduced value added tax rate, what is more more than porn or media star like Schaffrath and Gottschalk. (1)

Let us rejoice, therefore, with the rich and famous, especially when she us then show a political porn, only the title is not yet known, perhaps, what Brazilian? The Möwenpickregierung a lot can be blamed, but that it does nothing, absolutely not. The only question is in which pocket the benefits flowing?

1), 1518,682089,00. html

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