France is bullying in their own four walls, illegal.

„The public discussion about bullying is polarized, because on the one hand, there are dramatic Portrayals of psychological operations, on the other side are those who The existence of the phenomenon and the individual psychological problems to deny the Victims of bullying not as a result of Exclusion in the workplace Merely but as its cause. „(1) may be the Knapper Bullying situation summarized and not Germany, or formulated differently, and pitifully inadequate in the explanatory power.

While looking away from us politicians targeted for bullying in parliament and administration, it is in other countries it was too humane and consistent. They vehemently against the new Increasingly pervasive plague, bullying and juicy with laws and policies.

France currently has adopted legal measures against bullying in the family or home, and away from such discussions pubescent as left and right. „Unanimously has National Assembly at night on Friday approved a law that will better protect against women physical and psychological abuse by their husbands, partners or ex-partner. „(2)

And that people find the actions as „a electronic monitoring with such Ankle Restraints „ totally justified, though not without its problems. For it serves to protect the victims from the perpetrators. In these measures are at the end of the chain, so when the victim threaten death and the spouse was already noticeable. (2)

A case has welded together while in France ave „A few days ago was the tragic case of a small child’s headlines, the Witnessed the murder was at his mother. On the other hand, are talking about the passage in the law, which deals with the psychological intimate partner violence: of small and large humiliationsConstant insults – ie of bullying in their own four walls. (2)

Why just in the last two years, an increase of violence and killings taking place in reference background has something to do with the financial crisis and the implications for job security.

„Every fifth murder in the country is a relationship offense. And third of all of these murders (157) was perpetrated by men, according to previous incidents with a Signposts have been documented. (2)

Thus one finds in Austria a link between bullying and depression.

„The crisis exacerbated the Psychological terror at work: We had the year before as many bullying cases than ever before, says Christa Kolodeje, director of the Center for bullying and conflict resolution counseling in the workplace in Vienna. The number of cases had risen by one third. (3)

Only we in Germany will be done such as bullying is a fashionable concept. (1) How many victims do we need before we recognize reality? Apparently Fascism (1933 to 1945) and the German wall (have dulled from 1961 to 1989) we think in 40 to 60 years so far that we no longer have to defend ourselves, but only a rubber stamp. (4)

In France it is now even further, even more than in Austria, Spain or Sweden. And with us? We discussed it, yes it probably was discussed when there could be a woman chancellor, Angela Merkel. „Filmfan Merkel: Women wearing pants rather than skirts.“ (6) You have just forgotten the color, the color of death, black. „Last year in France, 157 women were killed by their partners.“ (2) How many women and children were killed last year in our real lives of their partners or fathers?




4) Marco Bülow: We nod. Bulow prison since 2003 for the SPD in the Bundestag, wellness paradise all Nebenberufler.


6) Mirror issue, no 10/08.0310, page 2


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