CDU and FDP are silent on the Greek Siemens bribery affair

They could still sell the Acropolis, at Aldi, for example.

At the moment it is very populist, point to Greece with his finger, without identifying the causes in their own country. To call the media and „Politiker“ on land and from that the Greeks are to defend himself against corruption.

Macabre does this requirement if one of the Siemens bribery scandal and one of the employees of this company looks at. refuses to Greece, the extradition of the „German-Greek Christoforakos“ (1), which was active for the Siemens company in Greece and the arrest removed druch has fled to Germany from the investigating authorities.

What do they want for now, the German politicians, if they have given shelter to corrupt managers from Greece?

Today, announced the Foreign Minister of Greichenland, we solve the budget deficit on their own. „Greece needed to address the debt crisis, according to its Deputy Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas no direct financial aid from the EU partners „. (2)

This should now look forward to all EU citizens, if it were not for the Siemens bribery affair, and politicians from the FDP and the CDU. The demand now, strange to say the sell-out of Greece. „Given the serious debt crisis of the CDU and FDP politicians, the Greek government to ask Sale of state property and to encourage the sale of islands. (3)

Such advice is probably from the madhouse, but not the policy of ziviliserten people. It would be just as if the EU calls on Germany to the national debt does not grow, we Helgoland and Sell complaints. Somehow, what should be in the drinks in the Bundestag Casino, otherwise some would advance thinking before they speak.

Only a passing mention, since Germany has a large national debt, who is still possible to sell for example Bavaria to China and reduce the profits to a record federal budget deficit. The Chinese love football, the mountains and the Oktoberfest. (;-)





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