The Hick-Hack the whistleblower or tax evaders CD `s

For weeks, a special kind of religious war is raging in our country. It’s all about records of tax evaders who pay taxes properly instead of every citizen in our society, their incomes, the banking secrecy in Switzerland taken advantage.

So you have money or income illegally brought into Switzerland, then to their „account number“ and paid us stupid citizens demonstrated the long nose. It is estimated that the German company at around 432 billion euro has lost its share of taxes. And the most importantly, when you consider that our national debt stands at 1 700 billion.

Now the financial or economic crisis has also hit hard by the Swiss banks. It must be saved and the banks also build from there, staff, as always, the parties know about it too late. So many people have said what I can do for me.

And some have found a unique answer, but it is very dangerous for them personally. They have even included an insight into files, the names of German and other tax evaders, and they can safely copy them to CD’s. And this CD’s are now available for sale. Certainly not the heroic whistleblower, known to us from TV thrillers, but they remain for us citizens Whistleblowers.

The really still believe that everybody is equal before the law

Because they provide us with valuable data with which we can force our „anti-social contemporaries“ to pay their taxes, finally, to all of income. So what will please the purchase of these CD’s to be wrong? Was false, and yet the tax system, which allows some of their money over a year and usually two to keep and perform it for confidence in the income tax return or do not.

This privilege is only about 10 to 20% of our citizens, the rest is handled by the same wage tax and no assistance, and month after month. At the end of the year, or rather on it in the next year we can then try on the annual adjustment of income tax to find his real tax payment out.

Usually we have all paid too much and still get something back. Already herein lies the injustice of the tax system that discriminates against many, and some preferred. Why do not we get all our money paid gross and at the end of the year we fill our income certificate and then to calculate the tax transparent basis, how much tax we pay. That is called equality before the law.

But back to our anti-social fellow citizens who have their tax returns filled out incorrectly and intentionally, knowingly, and have a portion of their income illegally made in Switzerland. These men and women now have a problem that the whistleblower of the Swiss banks.

Where then lies again to Switzerland?

Incidentally, today is called ethnic dissidents also Whsitleblower *, which would probably be a more appropriate expression. Thus, both Swiss bank employees ready and take over the role of the whistleblower. It is clear to them they must remain anonymous forever give up their jobs and are often forced to leave the country, like all dissidents in the world. This is often suppressed by us.

Because they are caught, they get her back, in the truest sense of the word. So they need money and therefore demand for the CD with names of tax evaders something. Usually the amount below 3 to 3% and is still situated at a level that is calculated following. Times the monthly wage and Monten years they still have to work until retirement, plus the cost of the mediator, and a rate of return, which roughly corresponds to the wage increases, the whistleblower yes miss now.

Should be with the money, the deal work out, they could build a new life, and often abroad, which is only their right.

So why this CD `s not be bought, as in the case of Baden-Württemberg? In NRW, you buy them, we shall examine in Hesse and in Belgium and Holland to buy unconditionally, because there has the tax system as a maxim. (1)

For me, here is a picture that needs to be questioned. One fears in Swabia the truth or were even afraid of her, because many names have a party affiliation and stand behind that name information support, could bring the unpleasant facts to light?

"Joe" knows how to treat critical citizenship

Anyone who hires such as the virgin in a brothel, who should know that deal with data banks without morality. In memory of our ‚political virgins‘ the spy scandal at Deutsche Bank. There you have a critical shareholder spied on by a detective agency, only because he noticed his right as a shareholder. The investigating prosecutor admits that was probably violate the privacy.

„Determined is so but only for those directly involved them and their clients, as shown in the message. Thus moves including the detective was responsible for targeting the prosecutors. “ (2)

Chief of the German bank is the way „Joe“ Ackermann, a Swiss and a friend of Ms Merkel, the prosecutor has closed the investigation in the case against him. As one knows as a „whistleblower“ which threatens one. And with the morality and the duty of care, it is on the banks probably not be called as well. So why not buy the records for tax evaders.

Or does one of those „political virgins“, any bank would refuse to buy CD’s with the names of whistleblowers in their companies?

I for one am proud of the Whitleblower from Switzerland, even if these are not heroes a la John Wayne, but more like Joe Ackermann they are in any case and they bring us tax money and every lot of information about anti-social behavior of our tax system, where you the small bleeds and fondles the Great. Funny, before the law, according to the Basic Law are all equal, but not before the Income Tax Act?

What do they want us to sell because the „political virgin“ mean? Or has this to do something with their numerous side jobs too? (3) The famous clearing houses in Switzerland by German companies were mentioned only in passing.






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