Should Stasi spies are unpunished?

Nobody in the GDR had to work for the Stasi, the Commitment was for each one Conscience decision. Hundreds of thousands of victims have a right to never be bullied again in an agency or office of a Stasi spies.

Who statute of limitations for the employees of Erich Mielke Requests should know what it means when they can drive without fear of discovery back to mischief.

The discussion in the show Focus in ZDF had begun to show, according to the vote, over 60% of users against a statute of limitations. And that sit just as well, so long as in Brandenburg Stasi spies at the post office, railroad, Verd.i, employment agencies, sit micro-census, etc., there can be no statute of limitations.

Rightly calls itself the supporter prescription Michael Jürgs, „Who publicly his IM Activity I am, and after the turn done much to build, which could also be forgiven, says Jürg. Who had been silent, however, who must also reckon with the consequences. “ (1) And that’s a good thing, too many of these spies are sitting in chairs and adjoining Federal authorities such as the Petitions Service and rejoice that she citizens we must continue to monitor.

Well, now the company has also failed, because a Birthler should never have run the Stasi Unterlagenbehörde but this Birthlerbehörde should have been completely handed over to a reliable hands of trustees, to develop systematically the bottom of the Stasi.

And in Brandenburg, where many are untergeschlüpft Stasi informer from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, until they reappear, you must promptly The Swamp Mielke be drained.

A survey has revealed itself in Berlin, „Offenders should even twenty years after the transition to Accountability be drawn. (1)

When will the policy of accepting the demand of the citizens, even if IM Erika today is more powerful than in GDR times, have also such an instance, failed when the Enlightenment and the prosecutor. What do you think?

1), 1872,8040200,00. html


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