Katherine Evans has been bullied via Facebook?

Cyber bullying victims Megan (13)

In the U.S. we have learned from the mistakes in dealing with cyber bullying. At the latest after the tragic suicide the 13 year-old Megan, we know that bullying can inflict.

So is now broken out in the U.S. still is a dispute that could seriously complicate the fight against cyber bullying.

The background is that 2007 .. „The native of Florida Katherine Evans from the school „was flying. (1)

Reason: „Between student and teacher came several disputes. At the end of the student was accused of damaging the reputation of the teacher on the Internet have, so they then had to leave school. On Facebook, she had the group „Sarah Phelps is worst teacherI ever „had founded. The 19-year-old invited her friends to Comments to leave. „(1)

Before the first court, however, that the student was right, because it had allegedly published any „threats or insults.“

Well once debated the relevance of the appeal, „more than a partial victory, the success was not in court,“ said the lawyers by Katherine Evans.

On the other hand, is now the whole legal system of the United States attacked. „The American legal system so often force strangest flowers. Everyone has probably already by the million dollar claims for damages Listened to be imposed because of things that were actually Common sense should govern. “ (2)

The clerk should attend a time trial in Germany and what do you mean, common sense. If one looks at the damages applicable regulations in Germany, since one can only be black before his eyes.

Certainly the case Katherne Evans, a borderline case, which led the Court saw between the legally protected freedom of expression and protection of the personality has to balance a teacher.

The decisive factor, however, was probably the fact that Katherine Evans, the site was very fast from the network, which they surely did so because they probably recognized the step into Cyber-bullying and was disappointed with the feedback from their classmates

Both Mrs. Evans did not comment on the ruling of the court any more than Mr. Bayer or any other officials of high school, because the trial is indeed still present. (3)

Of interest may also be that the concerns of Katherine Evans, another classmate to find out over the „bad teacher„Omit or write comments failed.

For instead of the hoped – negative statements Find other students and pupils against the teacher, defended the majority Sarah Phelps and attacked the other hand, Katherine Evans to themselves. (4) Surely one of the reasons why the page has been deleted.

After the ruling part expressed a classmate about the actions of Katherine, cyberbullying, and the verdict:

Alexis Andres (19), a former pupil at the school by Mrs Phelps defended on a Facebook page, the actions of the school and said that Evans a appropriate punishment had received. In his opinion, she had her dislike of the Lehrerein much to public made and that was probably also pointed out that Katherine had been mixed up, what she might now regret and admit it. Act out of emotion is called something like that.

We must ultimately look forward to the ruling of the court. Cyber bullying will occupy us further.

This case is a borderline case and not the rule that one should not forget about this whole debate. Megan, 13 years old was not a borderline case, she’s dead, cause of cyber bullying.

1) http://www.nachrichten.ch/detail/428422.htm


3) http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/16/education/16student.html

4) http://www.miamiherald.com/2010/02/15/1481980/judge-students-facebook-rants.html



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