The cheaters list by Member of Parliament

Level 1

Whoever comes as a deputy in the Bundestag, the doors are open to ways and that a just so swells the coal out of the bag.

Since March of this year, are now „famous Ancillary„The Members on the Internet, ranked by stages. „The Level 1 recorded one-time or regular monthly income of an order of magnitude from 1000 to 3500 euros, which Level 2 Income up to 7000 euro and the Level 3 Income over 7000 Euro “

To Level 3 includes such stars as Westerwelle, Frank Steffel (CDU) and ex-ministers Michael Glos, Which is now in Parliament, with level three at the back sits in revenue for Level 3 across the front.

Yet, the validity of this list is limited. This at least gives the contractor Steffel and CDU-frontman of Reinickendorf, Berlin’s more than 20 activities to complete, from the carpet business, where he is managing director until Advisory Board of the Casino BerlinWhatever he does there, too, towards the top 20 holdings in corporations and companies.

Level 2

One wonders then only when the good man is a member? A month has more than 31 days, of which 4 days are already booked for the Sunday times and as our Bundestag members generally work at 90% do not. Then you have Mr. Steffel Define its many activities at 27 days and I would say, because nothing can get out of here.

Our Foreign Minister, secret even Finance Minister and now _ Schäuble is well known, ill, what useless Westerwelle always liked only to attacks from there – that he obviously played a part in stage three, but what is he doing there, he did not specify. Thus, one can call this list of ancillary revenues primarily as a joke, because interest would be only source of income which could be bubbling with the necessary grist for the mill of the voting results.

Level 3

Thus, ex-adviser to the Minister Glos „domestic Stolzmühle„With level three in the front of the box Nebeneinkünftler, plus the usual seats on the supervisory and Advisory Board diverse businesses, as even what comes together.

Where, then just turn the question hanging seat in the Bundestag time job and still closer, when we know that the CSU and CDU / CSU-husband Michael Fuchs while also sits on the advisory board of the Swiss AKO Capital and is also active in real estate as an Advisory Board IVG. The grasshoppers love those networkers, they are the lifeblood of the financial world.

It is precisely the activity in the „Advisory Board“ is very popular with members and separates the wheat from the chaff, but what if the wheat is lazy? Advisory Board is such a thing as upscale wellness center for networking.

The list of ancillary revenues and their publication has, however, only make sense if all indicate for whom they are so active, otherwise the simple concoction once said waste. And to the citizens‘ democratic openness play „, only to be honest, who cares about that yet?


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