SPD Party opened exclusion proceedings against Thilo Sarrazin

A "wimps" at work. 😉

It took a long time until the Landesschiedkommission Exclusion of the Berlin SPD, the party has opened proceedings against Sarrazin. (1) Yesterday was so far, Sarrazin, currently without a firm in the Bundesbank’s task was to present himself well and has already before refilling in a known manner, and hit around.

Once he has an opinion of the Extremism researcher of the Moses Mendelssohn Center for „morally dirty, slimy and disgusting„Means (1) and defended in an interview told the Süddeutsche Zeitung in provocative and arrogant manner“ of the applicable rates, and called them adequately. (2) Such hate-mongering, we know from the federal banker and Exfinanzsenator just too good (5)

Sarrazin is making itself the Men of the Constitutional Court that believes in his remarkable and dignified verdict, the Hartz IV-charging system for children to be totally unmeasured. But the interest „Graf snot“ (3) in any way.

And so he once again brings out so right and so provoke a process of elimination, or knowingly be the SPD is left with the charge of „Warmduscherei.

„Ultimately, it was not a question of money, but a Question of mentality, The Volition and the setting. > Where it is missing, helps no money, and where it is there, the money is not so important ‚. “

Who has fear of "Kaltduscherpartei" SPD?

Sure, Hartz IV `ler are not even a member of the SPD and they’re not on the course of Mr Sarrazin at Wannsee, where he looks after three years of the second hole still. Need money Hartz IV recipients already times out loud Sarrazin, then why has introduced the SPD Hatz IV is meant therefore not at all, unless you are a gifted „Kaltduscher.

And because this hate speech is still not sufficient, shall immediately Sarrazin times with a rocker saying a la Hell Angels. „Cold showers but is much healthier anyway. A Wimps ist never come far in life, „said Sarrazin on the savings to Hartz IV recipients. He probably believes that we could Hartz IV `ler and the Hartz IV children quietly turn off the hot bath water. Fine world to us as Mr. Sarrazin announces the dignity of man struck him as strange and always showering why at all, Mr. Sarrazin that it saves money for perfume. How does that bear their colleagues, oh yes, money is not known to stink, therefore, must come the smell of something else.

Cold showers, I think Mr. Sarrazin should not do this too often, or give the one nor the NPD party card, then there are also many „Kaltduscher.

For the SPD is about whether they can deal with, „Clemens Two right“ and has the courage to leadership in which they rausschmeißt Sarrazin. A language and only these, he understands. But knowing the state of the Berlin SPD, the governing mayor (nicknamed the bird because he is a party girl about anything and is always the last to go) and its back cover for the escapades of Sarrazin, does not believe in exclusion of one party, no matter how deep-frozen Kaltduscher this is.

And he certainly is not the only Kaltduscher who has mastered the rules of morality and decency have never, for to take a shower to warm you must be able to regulate cold and hot water, but also turn belongs to a minimum of intelligence. Even a faucet has his quirks.

With the Chairman of the Petitions Committee of the House and Vice Chairman of the Building Committee, the contractor Ralf Hillberg the capital-SPD has the next rotten egg in the basket. Apparently, the SPD has been the resignation of his activity as the reigning mayor of Berlin, Willy Brandt, and nothing to learn from the stumbles Skandalbau Steglitzer gyroscope from a swamp of corruption in the other. Then the bear dances and Knuth avoid him, but the two that „might Kaltduschermentalität „The SPD does not.

How about to try the cause, it associates with warm water, so wonderful, „says the medicine and moral theology.

1) http://www.schattenblick.de/infopool/nachrich/tag/pol-4814.html

2) http://magazine.web.de/de/themen/nachrichten/deutschland/9972092-Sarrazin-Bei-Hartz-IV-hilft-kalt-duschen.html

3) nickname for Sarrazin many SPD members

4) http://magazine.web.de/de/themen/nachrichten/deutschland/9972092-Sarrazin-Bei-Hartz-IV-hilft-kalt-duschen.html

5) http://derdetektivmitdersonnenbrille.wordpress.com/2009/08/28/der-staatsanwalt-ermittel-gegen-den-bundesbankprasidenten-sarrazin/




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