Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich, the Saxons and the bottom end donations.

Sponsorship stronghold

Who has meant that the CDU in the Case Ruettgers / Wüst from NRW’s an exception that was wrong. Too easy for all parties involved were also in Saxony Marsh (1) without a trial like this, so get there on the course Prime Minister Roulette wanted to earn. (2)

Where we have refined things even in Saxony, and the offer of the Prime Minister talks in three stages. „The Mirror report that interested parties could under four Präsentationsstufen between 500 and $ 8000 choose. Levels 3 a.m. to 4 p.m., therefore, include a short talk with Tillich. At level 3, which 3900 Euro cost, would mention the name of the sponsors in the welcoming speech is made Kretschmer view. For Grade 4 and $ 8000 organize the CDU also a separate technical discussion in the context of the event. (3)

Only a matter of time before can be the next prime minister when Abzocken caught out with interviews.

According to constitutional experts, Hans Herbert von Arnim, the practice of a conversation with Mr. Tillich is not a valid Return for sponsorshipSo you buy are only giving access to the government. It has borders with Corruption and probably violates the Ban donations from special purpose According Arnim. (4)

He wants to pay only $ 8000

Merkel is said to have distanced themselves well under the pressure of public opinion from the coal to call. „That’s impossible,“ said the head of the federal CDU (4).

Unfortunately, you will never know how many found the purpose donations discussions have been held and how much and where to have stashed the coal.

Is known only that „in contrast to North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Wuerttemberg the purchase of stolen tax dodgers data from Switzerland is now definitely rejected (). The Federal Ministry of Finance had its offer to acquire the land offered data may be tooWithdrawnSaid Baden-Württemberg’s Prime Minister Stefan Mappus (CDU) on Saturday) to newcomers (Enzkreis (4).

So it is, we say yes to first and then No, why? For all CD `s were test data with the various authorities available. NRW has bought, for example, there were also elections in May and the fear of the CDU to go before the election defeat, if one adds itself to the training and events, and with the Prime Minister in recent years is understandable.

Hartz IV donation or Armutssponsoring?

Baden-Württemberg not only why buy? There was already in Run-end donations? There were also paid Sponsoring talks with the Prime Minister, while this had to be changed during the current legislature is well known. More questions than clarity, because the test data „Schwaben CD„Were not published, we only know Finance Minister Schäuble is also from the south, so far as an insider what the Südfilz. Even the finance minister has refused to purchase the „Schwaben-CD“ without justification.

We only know that Switzerland has threatened to understand all of the accounts of politicians, civil servants – you have to do again what is a clearing house – judges, public prosecutors and so on. Dear Swiss authorities, we wait, hopefully not for a lifetime.






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