Judge hanged himself Landgericht Nürnberg-Fürth

To a perhaps the most tragic events occurred in the District Court of Nuremberg, where it has a 47 years old judges removed from 28.02.10 to 01.03.10 to life. He hanged himself in the stairwell of the courthouse, which probably is due to a relationship between work environment and mental illness of his long ago. (1)

Investigators and good journalists should actually know that every victim would have survived his suicide a message, finally, the tragic suicide indeed elsewhere, have taken place.

What we’ve been announced as the public is that the 47-year-old judge with a heavy workload in his speech and accused had informed his superiors about psychological problems. (2)

He was also aware of therapists treating so what all. Nevertheless, there was severe consequences for this Sunday night event, suggesting there’s more behind than we want to tell the Justice Department in Bavaria.

Because of his illness is so high „workload“. What did the boss made under its duty of care about it?

Perhaps the judge was mobbed and the public will once again be held with meaningless data duped?

Bullying among judges is probably everyday, so it was decided also in Austria a ban on bullying, particularly for judges (4).

Why is for example in the case of the Nuremberg judge to official medical examination cause if the reason was known?

„To his to review more service capabilityShould the supervisor have finally prompted the suicide an official medical examination, which its so-near future. Perhaps the 47-year-old feared the end of his almost involuntary 20-year judicial career Lose – and thus as singles, his last in life, it was said in Nuremberg judicial circles. „(2)

Instead of helping you wanted to get rid of the good man and ostracize that contradicts the duty of care because they could have supported, for example, with a reduced working time of 24 hours per week and significantly reduced the amount of work therapy. Instead, they were still Existential fears added to the well-known depression.

The Provincial President should go to medical examination times, perhaps he lacks awareness of the „duty of care“. (3)

As a reminder, here once again of a resolution from Austria:

„Respectful treatment (bullying prohibition), § 57a. Judges, magistrates, state attorneys and prosecutors have as their employees and supervisors as employees or employees and their supervisors each to meet with respect and a contribute to good co-operation of the service. They have failed in dealing with their colleagues and staff behavior or the creation of working conditions that their

human dignity or this purpose or otherwise discriminatory. „(4)

Meet with employees and their respect as a superior working environment and contribute to the good functioning is guaranteed by the service co. In Nuremberg, it may not have been the case.

1) http://www.focus.de/panorama/welt/nuernberg-richter-erhaengt-sich-in-justizgebaeude_aid_485567.html


3) http://dieaktuelleantimobbingrundschau.wordpress.com/2009/12/20/mobbingverbot-fur-richter-und-staatsanwalte/

4) http://www.parlinkom.gv.at/PG/DE/XXIV/I/I_00488/fname_172363.pdf


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