Hooray, more socialists spied

Hurray, Erich Mielke's back

Yesterday we, now her.

Although the Social Democrats said that they could score points with the Stasi in the German spies wash Brandenburg, it has simply made a mistake.

After the now Bunte (magazines such thing as a small Stasi) has built up, more and more victims of domestic spying known.

Was it the beginning of ex-Labor Minister Muentefering held by envy and his relationship with a younger woman he has married, incidentally, rash, sometimes just as the man who is so, then stood with EU Commissioner Guenter Verheugen on with his cabinet chief Petra Erler targeted by the spies.

The Left echauffiert still on the domestic spying by the same magazine as a principal, has always crop up more names, and all have or had something to do with the SPD, and are tied with beautiful and intelligent women. This naturally arouses the envy of Piefkes.

But there must always be equal to spy on, we can not make time 100 years break?




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