Westerwelle sucks, ment Merkel, SPD looks away

Don Quijoto

Thus, slowly these sayings that annoy old gentleman slowly. Westerwelle attacked again with slogans such as „this discussion is long overdue in Germany and, unfortunately, is anything but self-evident“ or „as if there had been no clear text at all this necessary debate.“ (1)

As a lawyer Westerwelle should know that it must bring proof when he speaks of power and power abuse. For about 30 to 40 years under discussion in Germany about the equitable distribution of work, because if more job offers than demand for labor is there, then it is called unemployment.

Either Mr. Westerwelle not follow mentally in economic discussion, or he thinks he is in one of his innumerable lectures of fun LGT Bank Switzerland Ltd.. as guestspeaker. (2)

Well, now we know, there are also others such as Arno, who here seems to serve now in its fun culture in order to discredit all the Hartz IV `ler to. „Since the age of 27 Arno is unemployed. Work produced at his only spontaneous vomiting, so he is no Looking for work wants. He lives by the motto: One should nevertheless do as much work as it goes. Friends, relatives so that it drives you crazy. „(3)

Arno is now at best a Marx Brother of modern times or of evadere Till Eulenspiegel in Wonderland. But if Westerwelle now thinks that all the unemployed are called Arno he has erred in the door, the most serious cases next door please.

Although Merkel said she would have with their public criticism of the Clandestine Chancellor, Foreign Minister, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, and Minister for Spaßreden at Lichtsteiner evasion banks achieved something, she’s wrong. The head of the Federal Government is now called Guido and he has the pants on and Merkel to the skirt. So it is in the spiritual world of Mr. Westerwelle had always been, but many have not understood this, Juergen Moellemann not, for example. Okay, now for big jumps Merkel is not to have anyway, and as a former FDJ secretary before she afraid of the sky.

And the SPD? The SPD must now, according to these constant attacks on The caste of untouchables, Speaking of the children of Hartz IV and their parents views Tacheles and withhold their consent to any changes to the Constitution following the reorganization of Hartz IV, publicly between federal and local authorities. But this Nahles and Gabriel simply lack the guts to be nice and warm is it in the Willy Brandt House in the Wilhelmstrasse.

Westerwelle And, yes, men also get the midlife crisis, But for the poor in this country can not, older men are just not as desirable, even if Guido hot or just because. How about Napoleon, or Don Quixote, who have at least made history. Guido makes just stories, all nerves, except for the preachers of hate.

1) http://de.reuters.com/article/domesticNews/idDEBEE61O00720100225

2) https://harrygambler2009.wordpress.com/2010/02/24/westerwelle-oder-wie-mache-ich-deutschland-und-europa-lacherlich/

3) http://hartz-iv-blog.de/2009/04/09/arbeitslos-und-spass-dabei/



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