Westerwelle or how ridiculous I do Germany and Europe


There is indeed much to expect from this gentleman, now conceded his party donation from Möwenpickbaron and then adopted a reduced VAT rate for the hotel industry.

Or you can increase the child allowance, but not for everyone, especially the Hartz IV kids get nothing, because the child is probably only for the rich what. So far, unfortunately, not even the Left or SPD has managed to lodge constitutional challenge because of discrimination, with the Greens before we no longer know what are children.

And who said that it was, who knows not the foreign minister, Guido. This time has been hired at such great facilities such as the LGT Bank Switzerland as a guest speaker for a mere 7,000 euros.

„The LGT Bank Switzerland Ltd is a subsidiary of Liechtenstein’s LGT Group, a financial company of the local royal house. In February 2008, LGT Group fell through another subsidiary, had the LGT Treuhand, the center of the scandal surrounding million-dollar black money accounts, the German tax dodgers in Liechtenstein hidden from the Treasury. Previously the Trust had been a series of secret customer data lost, who – leaked stored on multiple DVDs – the German authorities had been. „(1)

And the listeners were on this evening on 11 April 2007 much to laugh. Guido has rausgehängt really the clown and on tax dispute between Switzerland and EU amused the guests. „On his paid speech (“ Globalization – opportunities from a liberal point of view „) Westerwelle railed in April 2007, inter alia, states with state bureaucratic patronage and enjoyed the invited guests from business and politics with a remark about the present tax dispute between Switzerland and the EU. So the politicians lectured that those who complain about tax competition, have not done their homework. The Bank and its guests were evidently in their element: his speeches, wrote the Neue Zürcher Zeitung that time, had Westerwelle those present much support and lots of laughs harvested. „(1)

Then one should not be surprised that these bankers are not exactly afraid of the politicians of the EU and thus also of Germany.

But Guido is again not so good either, for he has only held talks at level 3, more precisely, it is not enough for him, except make the EU look ridiculous in a non-EU Lamd too.

Unfortunately, the talks are not freely accessible, we only know Guido has conceded only 35 lectures in this Mittelmaßstufe 245.000 Euro and neatly displayed in the income statement. The listeners may not care, at least they had something to laugh.

1) http://magazine.web.de/de/themen/nachrichten/deutschland/9935206-Westerwelle-kassiert-fuer-Vortrag-bei-Bank, page = 0.html


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