Westerwelle and his Hartz IV – of hate speech

After the Möwenpickregierung more and more because of their donations from major industries under pressure and the ruling of the Federal Constitutional Court concerning the Hartz IV – the problem was clear and unambiguous, Westerwelle tried by his hate speech against long-term unemployed, disabled and low-jobber to distract from the core point.

„FDP leader Guido Westerwelle has in the dispute over the reorganization of the Hartz IV benefits one General Debate calls on the issue in parliament. “ (1) Why is he for tax evasion and the CD `s do not want the general debate, eh no one understands.

But klotzt continue with pithy sayings, „I invite my critics to take up a general debate in the Bundestag on social justice.“ (1)

The background is clear, once a growing criticism of Westerwelle in the FDP. „With poor poll numbers continued to increase intra-party criticism of FDP leader Guido Westerwelle. (2) What, then, after Clausewitz better than the defense, the attack is well known, especially if the opponent does not get campaign contributions and has no lobby. And who is that, of course, the Untouchables, Ie, the Hartz IV – Children, Hartz IV – Hartz IV recipients and increase, therefore, about 6.5 to 10 million citizens.

But the views of the Roman Westerwelle location of the Hartz IV – Receivers encounters in the CDU. „The policy must see to it that wages in Low-wage jobs did not fall further and further, „said the chairman of the Christian Democratic workforce on Tuesday in the WDR. Here Westerwelle and his FDP might even help by the dispute over minimum wages gave up their opposition to the inclusion of additional sectors in the posting of workers „. (3)

Why a Minimum Wage only into Posting and do not want to labor in general, we understand only if you are a member of the CDU. There must be a uniform minimum wage for all workers per hour to give, which you can sue them too. Other countries have something like that.

And if the CDU says mc, then says the CSU always something else, so ho. „CSU party boss Hans-Peter Friedrich defended FDP leader Guido Westerwelle in the dispute over his remarks in the Hartz-IV-debate „(4).

And since the discussion of its slogans is not really bear fruit, shall immediately after Westerwelle times and calls for a „new welfare state“, even though the FDP has built nearly 45 years old welfare state. „FDP leader Guido Westerwelle has intensified in the debate about Hartz IV, the sound further and called for a new beginning of the welfare state. At the same time on the weekend went further CDU politician to significant distance to the Vice-Chancellor „. (5)

And whether Westerwelle probably feels that it has gone too far, so throw in front of Gabriel Möwenpickregierung, „Mrs Merkel is a Biederfrau which has invited the arsonist and Westerwelle stacks the fuel drums already under roof.“ (6) Many interpret this as „Nazi allegations„Because the Social Democratic Party leader so that the parable of Max Fritsch to the seizure of the Nazis into play.

And even though now is to give next week in the Bundestag current hour on the topic, wants Westerwelle suddenly no more. Fear of their own Courage We call it good.

And the BfA will now react to the verdict from Karlsruhe and present a catalog of alleged prior to the amicable settlement of Hartz IV – hardship cases and submit their wishes, so clear was the announcement from Nuremberg will once again have not, and that means that the catalog can do not read it probably 90% of Jobcentermitarbeiter or understand.

„Go For example, about whether a person with disabilities should be paid for domestic help, said a spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency (BA) on Tuesday in Berlin. The authority also propose aid for certain diseases, such as the reimbursement of Ointments Neurodermatitis. Even on the reimbursement of travel expenses for divorced people would think so parents could see their children. A proposal submitted to the catalog by BA of Labor. A ministry spokeswoman said, it still lies no definitive list of Hardship before. She should however still to be unveiled this week. “ (7)

I do not even know whether the verdict of the BfA ever understood only way approach by the Constitutional Court. But who has worked on cases of hardship, want a catalog that has probably never heard anything about economics. We need no individual solution, but a clear and economical ALG 2, and the sick are probably not typical ALG 2 – Receiver. Here again, many officials want to raise many posts, no more or less. Soon it will have more employees in the employment agencies as unemployed, but who is to finance the bureaucratic apparatus?

Around the banks, the gifts with donations to the CDU, CSU and FDP, despite abundant financial crisis? How can it address something? Political contributions are only bonus payments to parliamentarians for services listed in the donor, and that is not in the sense of democracy and its institutions, the Parliament.

„Among the donors for the Chancellor’s party among many organizations … and Many banks. (So) were 70 percent of the large gifts of money, 2008, at the CDU and CSU. The FDP (has to) 2.69 million (the) bronze medal (get) the case two parties predominate Banks … In the role of patron. (8)

And these are the real reasons for the hate slogans of Westerwelle, because the donor list for 2009 and 2010 does not look much different from why hanging of 2009 may not see well with the election in NRW. How can it be that banks were rescued by our tax dollars from bankruptcy donations may be distributed to parties? This is a scandal that is only with this bondage of the covered parties for the concerns of Lobbyists may explain, right?

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