Has eaten Guttenberg (CDU) for raw pork liver?

Guttenberg (CDU)

The Bundeswehr is unfolding a new scandal. Just at the barracks, has also served in the Karl Theodor, who was binge drinking and eating raw pig liver everyday.

„Even some soldiers had to drink so much alcohol until they vomit. Some soldiers had to take off from all friends and then make climbing exercises. With the actions of the soldiers were able to advance within their department. „(1)

„The abuses allegedly acted out since the 80s as rituals. (1) and at that time, Karl Theodor was a recruit.

In the Talibans in Afghanistan, one thinks of such rituals alone, even for religious

Reasons, nothing at all, perhaps, why they are so successful in the civil war. During the coma drunkard and liver eaters hope not to die there. Which democratic value now want to fight these soldiers?


An old proverb says, pig remains a pig. Only the Taliban do not like pigs and Muslims have certainly not at such a thing is called a cultural value.

1) http://www.webnews.de/http://www.shortnews.de/start.cfm?id=814735


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