Sniffs the Stasi again?

And it is also known that thousands have been taken over by former Stasischnüfflern despite their work for the company by Erik Mielke of the way into the public service.

Today, this means that under the „collection of documents for this year’s household survey (micro census) back hundreds of former Stasischnüfflern should be on the road to sound out our citizens.

It is precisely for the interrogation of us victims of Stasi and West Berlin an unreasonable demand that employees are from the Statistics Office Berlin-Brandenburg in Potsdam on the road and spread the Beschnüffelungsbogen or so can not fill.

A striking feature of the state Beschnüffelungsbogen is that a lot made of the „blue night jobs“, so the potential to be clandestine, and the number of people living in HH. Questions repeat themselves in ever-recurring and Shifted form.

I think if the Federal Republic in 2010, is in a position to give a household survey with no guarantee that we will not be sniffed by ex-Stasi men again, this is a declaration of bankruptcy of the regulatory state in the sense of a functioning democracy. Poor Germany.



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Eine Antwort to “Sniffs the Stasi again?”

  1. Julia May Says:

    Sei Gegrüßt. Kannst du mir bitte erzählen, wie dein Theme heißt? Ich würde es gerne selbst für unsere Seite nehmen. Danke!

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