Counterfeit unemployment statistics for Hamburg

The employment agencies have really only one task, Hartz IV recipients to block their money for trifles, and to compile statistics, which go only apparent success.

Ver.di has analyzed the time for Hamburg. To dive, „one-euro jobbers, employable skills training or in need of assistance … in the unemployment statistics that is not on. “ (1) So what is called in the sociology of „exclusion“ or in everyday life, always bully the weak.

Or to put it in numbers, „the official 83,426 unemployed in Hamburg (9.1 percent) are 66.5 percent of Hartz IV recipients and will receive 33.5 percent), unemployment (up to twelve months. There are roughly 83,000 so-called employable in need of assistance, Also get the Hartz IV, but the labor market eg due to illness or caring for family members is not readily available – not included in the statistics so. „(1)

Employable persons in need of assistance is called now the marginalized, the term can from the „Stasi“ originate, which also had such a neologism imagination. Who knows what sits at the BfA as in the offices around.

A look at the composition or structure of the unemployed is also very interesting. „52.8 percent have not completed vocational training (81.8 per cent of them receive Hartz IV). Long-term unemployed are 26.1 percent. 23.4 percent of the unemployed are foreigners.

Underemployed: hamburgers are about 25,000 „underemployed“, are eg in one-euro jobs or skills training, and so occur in the unemployment statistics is not well.

Short-time: On average last year were 15,000 hamburgers in short time. This results in an employment loss, according to ver.di, which corresponds to 5,000 jobs. (1)

As always, take the unemployed without good training, foreigners and the elderly. A Euro-Jobs since they bring nothing, they serve only as the depreciation chicane instrument and should be deleted as soon as possible, which it brought the „morality“ and failed to harm the dignity of man „often for a long time.



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