Ver.di denied fair employee wage growth since 2003.

Since about 3 to 4 decades, a decline of culture can be seen within the workforce. Responsible for this is the „general union“ principle and the excessiveness of the officials, which may seem to stop any more.

Should recall here only to the events in the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, the IGM, Patta and the works council elections there. Or to the events of Hartz and works council boss Volkert at VW. (1)

Now, as raging as of today, Wednesday 03.02.10 the industrial action by ver.di a pay rise for civil servants by 5%. This may be one, as you will, in view of empty coffers, tax breaks of hotel companies, financial crisis and rising cost of living.

Then ask, but must, as officials like Frank Bsirske (2) (Green and Verdi boss there) bring ready to deliver before a microphone and expect their own employees a wage increase, which represents not even close to what ver . ie for the paid employees of the refuse collection by us until the nurse calls.

„While the services trade union Verdi is fighting for the civil service workforce by five per cent wage increase, they will provide their own employees only 1.5 percent and retroactively for 2009, a one-time payment of 150 euros.

This was revealed by research conducted by the NDR television magazine „People and Stories“ (Broadcast date: Wednesday, February 3, 21.10 clock).

Many employees were upset about the low offer, „said Dieter Krause, Vice-Chairman of the Works in the Southern North verdi, in“ People and headlines „. The ver.di employees themselves also demanded five percent more salary.

Since 2003, there had been for the ver.di employees no general wage increase more. „(3)

And if you still consider that Bsirske to be notified of his South Seas voyage practice always use its advantage of knowing, then one finds between aspiration and reality is a space that can compete with the other spin of the official elite.

So far it is unknown, much like sitting on the board and officials of ver.di this very often through the model of „participation“.

Bsirske from knowing that he has several well-paid part-time jobs, but what he really has in his pocket at the end of the month that appears on a Web site of any verdi (1) The policy of the glass case is probably among the Greens and Verdi not very popular.

„Bsirske is an employee representative on the supervisory board of the energy group RWE and Lufthansa. At Lufthansa, he was in 2003 following a strike call, which the company will have cost several million euros, as a board member is not relieved.[1] Bsirske is also a member of the Board of Directors Kreditanstalt fuer Wiederaufbau„(4)

Of such income of their employees Bosses verdi employees should only dream of, even if they pooled their monthly income group-wise. The prize question now is, how many monthly payments have to do as many ver.di employees in a pot, so that they reach one month’s salary Bsirske. So, what is called today, then Solidarity.

1), 1518,537064,00. html


3) # comment-form

4); 2018651


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