Men increasingly victims of unemployment and low wage jobs

The "wild readers and writers" (3)

Within the society is more and more of a social bias apparent. On the one hand, the activity of women is increasing rapidly in the company for 50 years for men which then means reducing jobs through its crisis, and lack of equal protection clause as unfair dismissal, minimum wage and anti-bullying law.  

This trend has meant that there is always more Einkopffamilien if you take the income as a basis. That is, families in which there is only the mother and the child, this trend means for the men’s tandem, social decline and social isolation in single households. 

In the last 15 years is an increased trend in the rest of the classic Zweikopffamilie households, that is to determine „Mom and Dad,“ the mean daddy can no longer feed the family. Transposed to the present situation that is, by economic crises in the workplace are becoming the men to be affected.

Consequently there is the compulsion to low paid, because, inter alia, a minimum wage is missing and the women have to feed in the future, not only children but also their husbands if they want to afford the luxury of.

Low paid

Economic crisis and a failed social policies are then indirectly the cause of a decline in the population, because not all women in the breadwinner can not afford professional reasons children to the spouse so they can no longer count. (1)

There is today, but even companies, the famous Wagenbach publishing house is a veteran of the APO and hippie movement as an example of which lead to paranoid states can. The workforce is made up almost 95% of female employees. Men show little inclination to enter into this undertaking, to the stressful working environment and appears to be a female-dominated work environment.

And is a fallacy to believe that „women business“ hot company to another image. For the Wagenbach Verlag advertises the chauvinist slogan, „the independent publisher of wild reader. (2)

Komasäuferinnen and principle of "solitude".

And are also almost all the authors men, apparently women have conservative values, the development of a future society, „I want a man, a real man“ promises, in which the success of the women: „A lot of coal, many well-paid jobs, career and total loneliness. „And the men, the men are wild and creative, underpaid, and treat to life and the partner community of life and to women from the „second world“. The consequence will be the „German or European women die and become a global village in which“ wild readers and writers „with“ wild women who read and write to explore „the meaning of existence, not in coal clasp can be, because money can not eat well known, but love, obviously do.Source for data:1)


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