Guttenberg plays Pasha, FDP stink sour

The Theo always paid for the breakfast

The Mövenpick government role-playing games of amateur actors going in the ministerial posts

Secretary of Defense and secret Registrar Guttenberg makes the other players and actresses Westerwelle, Merkel and Brüderle same time clear about what Paschafähigkeiten he has.

He has invited the World Economic Forum the same time the Bundesbank chief Axel Weber, consultant Roland Berger, BASF CEO Juergen Hambrecht, RWE CEO Juergen Grossmann and the natives Joe (Josef) Ackermann for breakfast.

Westerwelle and the rest of the FDP Möwenpickcrew, especially Brüderle who wants to enjoy playing Ministers are sour stink because Guttenberg has been a week before Westerwelle one person Afghanencocktail missed, to which he and Development Minister Dirk Niebel (FDP) still thinking.

Guys do not worry, I will also coach the national football team

Westerwelle had soured on a template of Defense for the round was in the was of a total of 1,000 additional troops for the Afghanistan mission question. The presentation was Merkel’s security advisor Christoph Heusgen sanctioned.

The foreign ministers did agree under any circumstances. Westerwelle is really loud become confidants were subsequently confirmed by the Chancellor. „(1)

Guttenberg, say insiders, wanted a change of power in Harem by Angela Merkel to bring about, in which all ministerial posts will only be occupied by him. „Theo does everything alone,“ says the new comedy film is hot, the Guttenberg himself in which he produces and acquires einizige lead role and director. There will be a lot of fun, because it had been announced more than 200 episodes.



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