Immer neue Stasispitzel tauchen aus der Stasiwaschanlage Brandenburg auf

IM Erika

Brandenburg, which is now probably rightly regarded as the stasis of paradise. In no other state could do so many Stasi spies lay in the sun and enjoy the unit. Protected by the SPD and CDU, under the umbrella of the Evangelical Church and the media, these beneficiaries of the system of democracy Erik Mielke have prepared their second power in Germany.

Protected by the politicians of the grand coalition SPD and CDU, fondled by an official system of self these perpetrators of a system of absolute spying on citizens today can triumph again on the victims: We are back.

And that’s true, while many victims of the Stasi dictatorship East and West, as well as former East Germans have to break through with Hartz IV and low-wage jobs, it is for these ladies and gentlemen, „Observer“ With a functioning Seilschaftsideologie it brought back to office and power.

Example of this is not just IM Erika but also Hans-Jürgen Scharfenberg, who even wants to run for the office of the Potsdam Mayor. His party seems to take no offense to it: the Stasi past of Left-group leaders was known since 1995, they say. The shared by the Birthler authority 300-page file shows that as Scharfenberg IM Hans-Juergen had no qualms about denigrating colleagues and friends in the Stasi. „(1)

Victims File

In Brandenburg, the city of Stasi spies Dirk has Stieger, a lawyer and city councilman and vice chairman of the subdistrict town of Brandenburg (Havel) and SPD Comrade dedicated to his career. (2) His name Stasi IN Bergmann reminiscent of the underground mining in the Ruhr, only Stieger has understood the most wrong with the underground.

Even better, it has taken Wolfgang IMHe has been allowed to take care of himself as a teacher about how the Stasi got the picture today with the students in Brandenburg. In addition, he has written curricula on the history of the GDR’s secret service. Incidentally he was a state politician, in what must have been very useful. (3)

And then you ask yourself as a Democrat and Stasi victims of the West yet again, what have I done wrong? Why can I not be a perpetrator, if life is so nice for these ladies and gentlemen? Why get away from us almost always the perpetrators so cheap, while today can hardly boast of a victim in order to have received his complete file.

We love the Germans

For who knows the Birthler and their authority, knows that work there and the illiterate baker and Exstasileute. The result is this just a new InformerIf you know that always arise only Stasi people from the SPD and the Left, while CDU and FDP politicians do as well as Green as though her white vest. The name IM Erika says it all for experienced surfers on the Internet.

And then we should be honest, so we will probably always be Democrats and citizens victims of such schemes as that of Erich Mielke, the three men are IM Hans-Jürgen, and Wolfgang Bergmann was only known because they were on their past known to have late as in the case of miners, but still down by their own doing.

The other IM `s left in the authorities and parties who wish to German vices of forgetting, which has already helped Kurras to office and pension, and this is also the other“Schweigern.


2), art270, 2995816



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