And once a Stasi spy’s leaked, this time IM Bergmann (SPD)

Big brother watching you.

Well, Mr. Stieger has proved his courage, which did not have many or 99% of Stasi spying and has, he is exemplary, with its 47-page file perpetrators went to the public. But also after the rumors of him began to circulate, that is the constraint.

And Bergmann is on IM, from the „17 October 1986 it was won on the basis of political opinion for the unofficial co-writes his advertisers Falkenstein, who listens to the real name captain eye. In October 1986 Stieger, who has committed himself to his law studies to three years‘ army is in Great Corporal Behnitz. There, the medium-range missiles are transporters that are to be fitted in a crisis with nuclear warheads. Who’s there doing his honorable service, is no enemy of the state and properly screened. But in the Technical train is with the dismissal of 86, the autumn Stasi no longer anchored, and so Captain Dirk Stieger eye is now targeting. „(1)

And now we are waiting for Erika IM or why the CDU and the CDU leader Walter jubilant Paaschen Brandenburg anyway? When finally get her Stasi spy to realize that a little courage is something Democratic and nothing conspiratorial. Or do they know what is happening in the Birthlerbehörde with certain acts, even in 2010?

And as already mentioned several times, the Birthler authority in this case also played an inglorious role. It was destroyed by a major act of the time, documentation, just in case the file 2 IM Bergmann. Wier can this happen?

„However, the Birthler authority is also the only Act I, considered to be the Executive acts. Work Act II, with 32 pages, which usually includes meeting reports and follow-up reports, is indeed archived in August 1988, but were probably destroyed. „(1)

And then we may still ask the West as a Stasi victims in 2010, what do they actually do in the park Birthlerbehörde? When now is finally the Birthler, it’s a scandal what the lady here refers.

I always thought so far, only the Stasi men had done such a thing. Document destruction, as it is but one laugh Erika IM his sleeve. But only so long until a holder of a clearname or a second captain named eye appears and enlightens us. Only where there is, please?



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