Birthlerbehörde mocked Stasi victims

The questionable handling of sensitive data from Birthlerbehörde with the Stasi victims is well known. Even the „anti-social interaction“ with the perpetrators, so the employees of the Authority and the Stasi IM `s Democrats had always been a thorn in the side.

Especially in the recent case of the „Brandenburg Landtag LEFT“ Birthlerbehörde has played an inglorious role. Why were actually only records of the „LEFT“ brought to the public?

The Birthler is well known, CDU member and already in the case Kurras noticed it then dip and when documents from the theme park of Birthler on, the only uses of the CDU and its appendage, the FDP. Although to date all employees in public services, were reviewed in addition to the teachers – then the Birthler was still with the Greens – in Brandenburg, never on her Stasi affiliation is carried out within the CDU and the FDP does not usually test their elected representatives. So now sitting jurors in the courts of which we do not know they have been for the Stasi, or now against democracy?

And this chaos has now led to a verdict before the Administrative Court of Berlin, which had the authority Birthler again suffered a defeat in dealing with the Stasi files. The Birthler itself always comes back yet not what can not understand a human being.

To the case. The chairman of the Berlin branch of the Humanist Association of Germany, Bruno Osuch had complained against the fact that his alleged Birthlerbehörde – sorry to be expressed in the opinion that way, to blame the Birthlerbehörde – Membership in the „GDR regime steered Terror Force DKP is , the>> group Ralf Forster <<, in combination () took. Group members were trained in the GDR for attacks in West Germany. “ (1)

Emerged were the dossier after Osuch at the referendum on ethics teaching in schools in Berlin as PRO-initiator as prominent and had made strong. The Federal Birthler had the Stasi files released in March, with documents relating to newspapers, which of course the first one violation of the dignity of representing Osuch. And the Birthler would probably come as a CDU member of the botched referendum friends to help her party in Berlin, which is an abuse of its second function as head of the Stasi Unterlagenbehörde. Can we really be so naive and believe that our citizens do not fall and Stasi victims to such a thing?

The Verwaltungsgericht this has not appreciated and treated well, what you have after the fall Kurras can not understand. But Osuch vindicated and Birthler one popped across the bow. „Osuch said, even then,“ March 2009 „by unsubstantiated allegations. The case attracted attention because Osuch in the spring to the spokesmen of the criticism of the pro-religion belonged to a referendum, which was controversial in Berlin, and failed. “

>> The release of Stasi files on Osuch „was illegal“ as judged by the First Chamber of the Supreme Administrative Court. Osuch has been classified by the Birthler authority at issue as „beneficiaries“ of the Stasi. According to the Stasi Records Act can be disclosed personal information for the political and historical research, if, for example, employees of the Stasi is involved or „beneficiaries“ of the Stasi. So that persons are meant, inter alia, „have helped prepared with knowledge, acquiescence or support of the state security offenses or committed“ <<. (1)

Now, therefore, the Birthler their leadership activities once used as interference in the „pro-religion referendum. And she has with the illegal release of certain Osuchdaten also lost their independence.

For the victims of the Stasi was the behavior of Birthlerbehörde a resounding slap. They were once again brought to court and collectively through the Birthlerbehörde eventually. When will this lady comes back and when the Stasi are finally transferred to a reliable and independent authority? Leading means to assume responsibility in case of failure, and deliver his resignation secure. A virtue that has come in Germany, lost long ago, especially among the politicians.

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